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The Benefits of Affiliate Program.

Affiliate programs offer a host of benefits. They provide a flexible and low-cost way to generate passive income, with no need to handle inventory or customer support. Affiliates can choose their working hours, scale up their efforts, and tap into a global audience.

Recurring Affiliate

A recurring affiliate is a valuable partner who enjoys the ongoing benefits of affiliate marketing.

Easy Payouts

We've streamlined the payment process to make receiving your earnings hassle-free and efficient.

Highly commissions - 40%

Earn substantial rewards for every sale you generate, making it a rewarding partnership that grows as you do.

Cash Reward

We offer additional cash and gift rewards for every target you hit. These rewards range from $5,000 to $100,000 USD

Unveiling the best Saas Affiliate Program


Recurring Affiliate Program

Doplac CRM provides industry-leading affiliate programs with recurring commissions, allowing affiliate partners to grow alongside us


40% Commission

We are committed to offering exceptional affiliate commissions, a rarity in high-conversion platforms. We prioritise affiliate partner satisfaction and the growth of every customer they bring to our platform.


Extra reward with target

Copy the referral link and invite others to join Doplac Solutions. Sharing is easy and rewarding – help your friends and colleagues discover the benefits of our services today!

Earn Bonus Rewards by Achieving Target Milestones!


We are committed to the success of your affiliate program

We help you make the most referrals possible with resources to support your content development and assist your referral traffic’s conversion rate. Get access to a library of global creative, ready-made education and lead magnets, and detailed performance insights through your personal dashboard.

60-day cookie lifetime

Customers don’t have to create Doplac accounts immediately after clicking on your link. They will have 60 days to do that. If the user clicks on the referral link again, the 60-day period will restart (what matters is that your referral link is the last clicked before the purchase).


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions' answers.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?


Your account balance must reach at least $100 to request a withdrawal. Learn More

How long does it take to receive my affiliate commission payment?


Commission payouts are usually processed on the 15th of each month following the receipt of payment for a sale. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payouts typically occur on the next business day Learn More

How long is the duration of the cookies


The duration of your doplac affiliate cookies will be 60 days.

Can individuals from any country become Doplac Affiliates?


Yes, individuals from any country can become Doplac Affiliates.

Is this a Recurring Affiliate Program?


Yes, the Doplac Affiliate Program is recurring in nature.

What is the commission structure?


The commission structure consists of two tiers: a.Affiliate Partner: 40 % (applicable to all approved Affiliates) b.Doplac Users: 40 % (applicable to all Doplac Paid Users)

What is the process for commission payments?


Commissions are paid in U.S. Dollars or other supported currencies. Some payment methods may incur processing fees deducted from commissions. Payouts are made once your combined commissions reach or exceed $100.

Where can I find Doplac Affiliate Terms and Conditions?


You can find the Doplac Affiliate Terms and Conditions on the sign-up page of the Doplac Affiliate Program. Feel free to read them over before you sign up.

What are the requirements for applying to the Doplac Affiliate Program?


To apply, you must provide all information requested by Doplac for your program application. Doplac holds the authority to assess your eligibility for program participation.

How will I be notified if my affiliate application is approved?


Once you've submitted your application, Doplac will take a look to see if you're eligible.If you are, you will get confirmation through the contact info you provided in your application, or you can check your affiliate dashboard.

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